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Tools Of The Resin Drive Trade

Tools Of The Resin Drive Trade - Resin Mill

So, you’re looking at getting in to the resin drive trade? As with any trade, there are certain things you need to consider purchasing besides project specific materials. These are your long-term resin bound surfacing supplies. Whilst the resin bound aggregates you use from job to job may differ, these installation tools will be consistent and utilised on every job.

For Laying Resin Bound, The Essential Resin Drive Tools You Will Need:

  • A Forced Action Mixer
  • A Wheelbarrow
  • 16″ Trowel
  • Plasterer’s Mixing Paddle
  • Drill
  • Transformer
  • Spazzle/Rake
  • Buckets
  • White Spirit
  • Cloths
  • Gas Torch
  • Gloves
  • Duct Tape
  • Chalk
  • Roller & Decorator’s Tray
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Stopwatch
  • Plastic Sheeting

resin drive trade

If you are new to the construction industry, the chances are that you have none of the above, apart from perhaps a pair of old gloves or buckets used for washing the car. If you are branching out from similar industries, such as the block paving industry, its is probable that you will have over 75% of the above tools and hence you can go down the list and add a few ticks.

Forced Action Baron Mixers

The main tool that requires consideration is the forced action mixer, as it is the biggest cost outlay. It can either be bought or borrowed, dependent on the volume of work projected. We recommend one of the Baron Forced Action Mixers, ideally the M110 or the M200 model. Hiring one of these state of the art models will cost you somewhere around £180 per week, give or take.

The Baron Mixer is user friendly. It is a one-man lift and is adaptable to move around on site very easily. Established in the UK for over 12 years, they have a UK based office and are well equipped to be on hand to resolve any technical issues. They have a large UK based outlet with stock of all the models and parts are readily available. The Baron Forced Action Mixer comes with a 12-month guarantee.

They are a lot more robust and better built than other models on the market and are good value for money. Other mixers, such as Creteangle’s mortar mixer, have wheels but no axel and so can’t be towed. They also weigh significantly more than the Baron equivalent. Whilst they are there or thereabouts similar in price to the Soroto, it is clear even from a cosmetic standpoint that the engineering of the Baron Mixer is of higher precision. So much so, that the Baron Forced Action Mixer continues to be the premier choice and are deemed the number one manufacturer of Forced Action Mixers across the UK and Europe.

The M110 Baron Resin Mixers Have:

  • Heavy-duty steel blades as standard
  • Precise and safe emptying of the pan
  • Rubber blades available as an option
  • Easy to remove and clean the mixer head
  • Outlet handle is placed high and is easily accessible
  • 110Litres actual mixing capacity
  • Robust pan construction
  • Outlet protection
  • Correct outlet height for ease of handling
  • No sharp edges
  • Emergency stop button located opposite the main on/off switch
  • Fully welded frame construction
  • Durable frame construction

Compared With The Newer M200 Baron Forced Action Mixers Which Have:

  • Adjustable blades
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Efficient emptying of the pan
  • Safe and robust lid construction
  • Safety switch preventing the machine from operating with an open lid
  • 200Litre actual mixing capacity
  • Motor protected from water and debris
  • Good balance and easy handling
  • Self explanatory and safe use
  • Durable welded construction
  • Correctly placed handles
  • Rollers assist in easy and safe loading onto transportation

baron m110 resin mixer

Both Baron Mixers comply with the latest CW approval standards and EU-Directives and are the right choice for a demanding professional user. Although either model are a solid investment the mixing capacity of the M200 is larger, and probably more suited if you are looking to install commercial resin bound paving.

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Once you have decided on a forced action mixer, you can start making your way through the rest of the checklist. Make sure you don’t forget to confirm your clients choice of resin bound gravel and order your resin bound kits for the project!

mixing resin bound pro

You can purchase all your resin bound surfacing supplies from us at The Resin Mill, including Baron Forced Action Mixers. We carry all of our resin bound surface supplies in stock and available for next day delivery.

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