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Up skill Your Business with the Infinity Spray Granite Training Course

The Infinity Spray Granite training course is part of Resin Mill’s new purpose-built training academy, which delivers market-leading training programmes in the resin industry. It is the longest-running and the first-of-its-kind academy in the UK, devoting itself to educating and benchmarking high-performance standards in the industry. Resin Mill’s training academy upskills individuals and organisations in the right way. Following the correct guidelines and procedures as outlined by FeRFA, we are committed to excellence.

Infinity Spray Granite is a water-based system and fits right into our long-established resin expertise. Our trainer has been delivering resin training since 2010 and this wide-ranging training experience has been used to develop the Infinity Spray Granite training programme that is second to none. 

From decorators and resin bound installers to DIY enthusiasts and renderers, the Infinity Spray Granite course is designed for everyone and is a great opportunity to enter the construction industry or add a new service to maximise your business potential. The system is quick to install and offers fantastic profit margins, so you will definitely want to be part of this exciting new venture. 

Why Choose Resin Mill

Dedicated Academy 

Our purpose-built resin training academy has been successfully training resin installers for many years. We have helped many people enter the industry, who to this day are running successful businesses. We pride ourselves on teaching quality, practical workshops and continuous support. Our training facilities allow attendees to get the most out of the course and walk away confident to start installing Infinity Spray Granite. 

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Become an Accredited Installer 

An accredited Infinity Spray Granite installer scheme helps set the industry standard. It ensures that tradesmen applying the product have had the right training and gained the necessary skills and knowledge to install Infinity Spray Granite systems to an exceptionally high level. All course attendees are entered into our database which we share with homeowners, architects and specifiers.

1 Day Course


The course is £295+VAT to attend. Lunch will be provided for you on the day and you will have the opportunity to purchase products or equipment at a discounted rate on the day.

Infinity Spray Granite Course Covers 

The Infinity Spray Granite training course is fully comprehensive and covers everything you need to know to install the system to a high standard: 

  • Health & Safety 
  • Infinity Spray Granite 
  • External & Internal 
  • Marketing 
  • Preparation 
  • Product comparison 
  • Tools required 
  • Practical 
  • Tool cleaning 
  • Pricing 
  • Product applications 
  • Take away manual 
  • Best practice 
  • System processes 
  • Material coverage 
  • Problem prevention 


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Enrolling in the Spray Granite Training Course was a game-changer for me, and I can't express my gratitude enough. As someone relatively new to the world of surface coatings, this course provided me with a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience that exceeded all my expectations.


The instructors demonstrated a remarkable depth of knowledge and expertise in the spray granite application process. Their clear and concise explanations, coupled with practical demonstrations, made even the most intricate techniques accessible to beginners like me. What I appreciated most was the personalized attention each participant received, ensuring that we not only understood the theory but also gained confidence in our practical skills.


The hands-on sessions were the highlight of the course. The training facility was well-equipped, and the instructor's step-by-step guidance made me feel comfortable experimenting with the spray granite application. By the end of the course, I not only felt proficient in the technique but also inspired to implement these skills in my projects going forward.


Our cutting-edge training facility redefines learning, offering an immersive experience in resin bound and spray granite installations. Guided by industry experts, you'll access state-of-the-art equipment, honing your skills in a dynamic environment. From intricate techniques to innovative methodologies, this programme equips you with expertise unmatched in the industry. Become part of the elite installer programme, shaping the future of resin-bound surfaces with precision and innovation.


The Resin Mill have a purpose built resin bound training academy, Resin Training Academy, which delivers our market leading resin driveway courses. It is the first of its kind in the UK, devoting itself to educating and benchmarking high performance standards in the industry. The Resin Bound Academy trains individuals and organisations the right way. Following the correct guidelines and procedures as outlined by FeRFA, we are committed to excellence. We have a full life size driveway where contractors can practice laying resin bound on to concrete. We do not install on to plywood in our resin driveway training because it does not replicate a real life situation. Resin bound surfacing is the fastest growing sector of the construction industry. It is therefore important to choose resin training that will give you a competitive advantage and a platform to be the best you can be. We have trained some of the most successful resin installation companies in the country. Click to find out more on market-leading resin drive courses at The Resin Academy. Or alternatively, browse through our frequently asked questions in the education centre.

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