Resin Bonded Commercial


Resin Bonded Commercial

At Resin Mill, we’re passionate about enhancing the beauty and functionality of your customer's commercial spaces

We specialise in providing materials that transform commercial settings into exceptional, high-performance environments through our innovative resin bonded products.  

With a steadfast commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, we have earned our reputation as the industry leader in resin solutions for a wide range of commercial applications. 

What is Resin Bonded Surfacing?

Resin bonded surfacing is a revolutionary solution that combines the aesthetics of natural aggregates with the durability of modern technology. It’s the perfect choice for pathways, patios, and more.


Resin bonded surfaces are a go-to choice for historic and traditional-looking properties. The system involves adding aggregate to a resin binder, usually applied to an existing concrete, tarmac, wood or metal surface.

This method creates a loose gravel look with a high friction finish suitable for external surfaces without the risk of stone migrating away from its original location.

The size of the aggregate used is typically between 1-3mm and this gravel texture provides greater grip compared to other surfacing systems, making it especially suited for disabled access ramps. The system is not designed to withstand vehicle traffic but can provide a great solution when an extra grip is required.

Bonded vs Bounded Surfacing

Both bound and bonded surface dressings are used for paths and pavements to ensure the surface is anti-skid and slip-resistant, it also gives it a decorative finish. Both systems use a combination of binders (resin, gravel, or other aggregates).

However, the difference between bound and bonded surfacing is the application method. With resin bound surfacing which is hard-wearing and can be used on driveways, the aggregate and resin are mixed prior to application to the substrate. With resin bonded surfacing, the aggregate is spread onto a pre-applied resin ground.

Why Resin Bonded Products? 

Resin bonded products have become the preferred choice for contractors seeking to revitalise and elevate commercial spaces. The versatility and numerous advantages of bonded makes it an ideal solution for a variety of settings, including:

1. Walkways and Pathways

Resin bonded surfaces offer a stunning yet practical solution for walkways, enhancing the aesthetics of public spaces, parks, and campuses.

2. Restaurants and Hospitality

Provide your customers with an inviting and memorable experience with resin bonded outdoor seating areas and entrances.

3. Public Spaces and Landscaping

Transform parks and urban landscapes with resin surfaces that are not only visually striking but also low-maintenance and eco-friendly.

Are you ready to transform your commercial spaces with the timeless beauty of resin bonded products? Explore our Resin bonded range here.