Resin Bound Mixers: Your Ultimate Guide

Resin Bound Mixers
Resin bound mixers are an essential piece of equipment for any surface installation project. Whether you’re a professional installer, or just getting started in the industry, it is imperative to have a reliable mixer to ensure your project is completed with accuracy and precision. As the manufacturer and supplier of the strongest resin bound system, we want to make sure customers have all the information they need when making an informed decision about their forced action mixers. We understand that choosing the right type of mixer can be daunting: there are many options on the market and it’s important to find a mixer that’s reliable and provides maximum performance. Resin bound mixers come in different sizes and have various features, so it is important to consider your own specific requirements before purchasing one. In this guide, we will provide information on some of the top brands as well as useful tips on choosing a reliable forced action mixer for your resin bound project.

Baron forced action mixer

Baron is one of the UK's top brands for forced action mixers for resin bound surfacing. With a good reputation for consistent performance, their mixers are designed with ergonomics in mind and features like the correct outlet height make them a pleasure to use. The emptying of the pan and easy-to-remove mixer head also makes them safe and efficient. Baron mixers are also lightweight and come with a robust frame construction suitable for transporting from site to site. Safety has been taken into account with a zero voltage release and an emergency stop button. Other key features include outlet protection ensuring that everyone remains safe on-site and stable pans which come with durable frames that can handle heavy-duty jobs, making these mixers suitable for commercial projects as well as residential ones. Overall, Baron flared action mixers have all the necessary tools to provide reliable performance time after time, whether you're an experienced pro or just getting started in the industry. If you’re looking for an efficient forced action mixer, look no further than Baron!

Baron Futura Line

When it comes to the best range of mixers on the market, the Baron Futura Line of forced action mixers is a clear choice. Boasting outstanding quality, efficiency and durability, the F120 and F200 models are the ideal option for those looking for reliable performance.

Baron F120 Specifications:

  • The safety switch activates when the cover is opened
  • The positioning bolt secures the cover during the operation
  • The motor shield protects against dirt
  • Adjustable mixer shovels
  • Easy, mobile and efficient handling
  • The outlet is easy to clean and maintain

Baron F200 Specifications

  • Powerful, low-noise motor
  • Optimised mixer capacity
  • Phase indicator
  • The outlet is easy to clean and maintain
  • Outlet safety protection
  • Can be operated by a single person on-site

Baron's E120 Forced Action Mixer

This robust and efficient forced action mixer has many advantages. It features a large 2.0 kW powerful maintenance-free motor, strong frame construction suitable for transportation from site to site, and pneumatic tyres for extra comfort.

Baron E120 Specifications

  • Rubber wheels for higher comfort.
  • Tight and robust opening system.
  • Easily interchangeable mixer head.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Ready to use immediately.
  • Dust lid ensures safe, dust-free mixing.
  • Space for filling the mixer from bags.
  • Can be filled from a silo if using the F300 dust lid.

SoRoTo Forced Action Mixers for Resin Bound

SoRoTo is a popular choice for those looking for reliable forced action mixers for resin bound surfacing. Ideal for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike, SoRoTo mixers have the capability to hold up to 234kg of resin bound loads, making them perfect for mixing 4x25 kg bags of aggregate and 7kg of resin bound. Not only that, but they also come with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee and the spare parts are available for next-day delivery, ensuring that your mixer remains in top condition. SoRoTo forced action mixers are also suitable for wet-pour rubber crumb surfacing projects. With their robust frame construction suitable for transporting from site to site and ergonomically designed features like correct outlet heights, these mixers make completing jobs easier and safer than ever before. Plus, with an emergency stop button, outlet protection, zero voltage release and easy-to-remove mixer heads, you can rest assured knowing that all safety requirements will be met on-site. Ultimately, SoRoTo forced action mixers are the perfect choice when it comes to mixing aggregate and resin bound materials evenly at speed. Whether you’re working on residential or commercial projects, these reliable machines offer high-performance time after time whilst keeping everyone safe during operations.

SoRoTo 200L

The SoRoTo 200L is the best-forced action resin mixer for sale on the market, perfect for larger, more complex resin bound projects. As a key component for any driveway contractor, this mixer is designed to outperform any other of its kind - it can easily and quickly create stable, long-lasting resin surfacing on a commercial scale. Unlike other large mixers of its kind, the 200L SoRoTo is exceptionally easy to transport to and from the site without hassle. It's large enough to hold everything you need while its tactile construction allows it to fit through gates and doors as necessary with no trouble whatsoever. Plus, this machine comes complete with all parts needed for your job in one package, meaning you won't have to worry about ordering anything separately or wasting valuable time at the site.

SoRoTo 200L Specifications

  • Mixer arms can be removed without tools for cleaning.
  • By tipping the mixer it can easily be loaded onto a car by means of the small wheels.
  • 400 volt motor protection with a 230 volt outlet
  • After 3-5 minutes the perfect mix is discharged through the mixer gate at bottom of the drum.
  • The grid lid is mounted on hinges and equipped with an automatic mechanical switch to meet safety regulations.
  • The rubber strap secures the charging hopper during transportation.
  • In case of wear, you can replace only the single arm or mixing paddles as 300 L.
  • Detachable wheels

SoRoTo 100L

For contractors in the UK, the meteoric rise of resin bound gravel means one thing: you need to have a dependable mixer. Combining resin and aggregate evenly and quickly is absolutely essential to ensure that you have enough time to work or trowel the product into place before it begins to cure. That's why it's so important to make sure your mixer has enough capacity, power, and efficiency to handle this dense, sticky mixture. The perfect solution for those who require mixing large amounts of materials such as mortar, render, plaster, screed, concrete and resin bound is the SoRoTo 100L Mixer. This specialised machine is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways, taking it inside and right where it needs to be without having to stop working and bring small buckets back from outside. This convenience translates into increased productivity and profitability - two hallmarks of success for any contractor.

SoRoTo 100L Specifications

  • Removable mixer arms - makes cleaning easy - no need for tools.
  • By tipping the mixer it can easily be loaded onto a car by means of the small wheels.
  • Easily adjustable telescopic legs for discharge into bucket or wheelbarrow.
  • After 3-5 minutes the perfect mix is discharged through the mixer gate at bottom of the drum.
  • The grid lid is mounted on hinges and equipped with an automatic mechanical switch to meet safety regulations.
  • The rubber strap secures the grid lid during transportation.
  • In case of wear, you only need to change one mixer arm if the others are alright.


When it comes to finding a dependable forced action mixer, the choice between Baron and SoRoTo can be a tough one. Both models offer reliable performance, with powerful motors and adjustable bases allowing them to be used with any container size. They are also lightweight and have robust frames that ensure they can handle demanding conditions without any issues. Yet there are some key differences between them worth noting. The Baron’s frame is wider than the SoRoTo’s making it slightly more difficult to transport in tight spaces. Lastly, the Baron is a bit pricier than its competitor – so if you're on a budget or have limited funds, then this might not be the ideal choice for you. Ultimately, when choosing between these two forced action mixers – consider your specific needs carefully before deciding upon which model is right for you. Both options offer excellent performance with powerful motors but depending on your budget and project requirements – one may be better suited for your needs!

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If you need to buy a reliable resin bound forced action mixer, then give The Resin Mill a call on 01484 400 855 or email them at They have an extensive selection of mixers that can meet any needs and they offer expert advice and assistance in helping you find the right one. With their help, you can quickly and easily get the perfect tool for your next project!

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