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Can I make my front garden a driveway?

Can I make my front garden a driveway? - Resin Mill

As a driveway installer, you’re likely to have many who struggle to find a parking space in the street outside their home, or have to pay out for a parking permit, ask you ‘can I make my front garden a driveway?’. But if you are not quite sure of the regulations that they will need to consider, we have compiled them in this handy blog for you:

Planning permission

Thinking about planning permission is essential, especially for traditional, impermeable driveways. This is because driveways which do not allow for water to run to a permeable area can only be built to a maximum of 5m2 before planning permission is required.

However, permeable driveways can be built to any size in the UK without planning permission. So, whether your customer has the one car or several, you can build a driveway surface that caters to their needs. One of the most popular types of permeable driveway are resin-bound driveways. They’re quick to install, incredibly durable, and available in a huge range of aggregates, so it’s easy to find a finish to suit any project requirements.

What if I want to convert my front driveway in a conservation area?

Farmhouse Gold DrivewayFor those who live in a conservation area, there may be an Article 4 direction present that removes their permitted development rights. However, if your customer will need to knock down a wall, fence or railing on their front garden to allow for driveway access, they can knock down walls in conservation areas that are up to 1m high without planning permission.

Dropping the kerb outside the house

To access the driveway, your customer will need to drop the kerb on the pavement outside their house. However, they will need permission from the local council to do this. This work will be carried out by them and it may involve the pavement being strengthened to protect water pipes and other services underneath. This work will also come out of the customer’s pocket and the council may charge a fee just for applying, so they will need to bear this in mind.

Removing any trees

Large resin bound tree pitTree roots can cause cracks to occur in a driveway, so many people opt to have trees removed before converting their front garden. However, the council will need to be notified if your customer plans to do this. If they have plans to sell your home in the future, we would also advise them to keep as much greenery in their garden as possible. This is due to the positive impact it can have on visual appeal, which is a big selling point.

Here at The Resin Mill, we are a leading driveway specialist and supplier of high-quality aggregates and resins that are used in the construction of resin bonded and resin bound surfaces. For more information on converting front gardens, give us a call on 01484 400 855 or send an email to

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