To Train Or Not To Train..That Is The Question

To Train Or Not To Train..That Is The Question - Resin Mill

To Train Or Not To Train..That Is The Question

Due to the increase in flash flooding and the availability of more economical resin bound materials, resin bound paving is becoming more and more popular. It is a growing industry. Whilst this is great, what it can breed, is a bunch of cowboys. Cowboys don’t do the industry any favours and if you are looking to succeed in the industry, you want to make sure that you don’t get tarred with the same brush. You need to stand out from the crowd and avoid mistakes at all times because mistakes are costly.

The only way you can avoid mistakes in a new industry, is through solid training. Training has never been more relevant in the resin bound industry because once that resin has cured; there is no turning back the clock. The only way to right those resin wrongs is to take up the whole driveway, patio, path or even worse, a 500sq m courtyard! A resin drive course is the way to go.

Watching a YouTube video won’t make you a resin drive expert…

It’s not a case of watching a quick YouTube video and then going out and giving it a shot on Mr. & Mrs. Jones 30 years old paved driveway. Laying resin bound is so much more technical than people believe. If you fail to roll in a suitable resin bound training course, a long list of problems could arise. For example, you may think it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to split and mix the resin. How wrong you could be. Under whisked, and it won’t set. Over whisked and it will dry too quickly to trowel. Believe it or not, people can actually get the mixes mixed up and split the resin gravel incorrectly.

Insufficient resin bound training or even the incorrect type of training can lead to further disasters, for instance laying the resin gravel on inappropriate sub-bases that may have required planning permission, if they are not permeable or SuDS compliant. Even if you are already from a paving background and have been paving since the dawn of time, laying resin bound is a different skill and the chemistry of the resin bound materials has a huge part to play. It’s not something you can just conjure up in your sleep.

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And then on top of all that, there are all the health and safety haphazards to think about. The risks of working in the industry are varied. A combination of powerful mixing equipment vs chemical substances can create a high-risk environment and accidents can happen if not organised effectively. Do I wear gloves? Is it toxic? How do I transport this stuff? What shall I do with it afterwards? Recent figures indicate that the construction industry is responsible for 22% of all workplace fatalities and 10% of all major injuries (despite it only accounting for 5% of UK employees). With a combination of proper knowledge and resin bound training you can implement a sound health and safety policy.

Resin Drive Courses – Are they worth it?

Resin drive courses are an invaluable and solid investment if you are looking to lay resin bound and resin bonded systems as a trade. It’s also important that your resin bound training has substance, is informative and of high quality. There is a right way and wrong way to the basic fundamentals, in order for the install to be as successful as possible. Without the correct education, an individual wouldn’t know the right way to go about installing resin driveway materials.

The Resin Mill offer a comprehensive and intense one day resin bound training course. It is delivered by a highly qualified individual who has a wealth of experience installing resin bound surfacing and resin drives. Through years of installing, communicating and dealing with people in the industry he has seen where the jobs go wrong and so is in the best position to advise how to avoid the pitfalls in the industry.

resin drive courses

About resin driveway training courses at The Resin Mill..

Our resin drive courses are very thorough, covering everything from risk assessment, health and safety, the different types of resin, sub-bases, surface preparation, mixing points, the installation, variances (such as the weather conditions and chemical reactions), problems to avoid and much more. This resin bound training course is carried out through various methods of learning, including: theory, in-classroom learning tutorials, hands on preparation and practical work, marketing and calculations. You will be well ‘in-the-know’ regarding any legal aspects of laying resin gravel, governing bodies, the environment and sustainability. Through the practical, you will learn the latest techniques and the best site practice, so that you end up with an even consistent finish.

The resin drive courses are always an intimate group so that you have personal attention during the practical. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate and The Resin Mill training manual. Best business practice is discussed so that you make sure you can offer a credible permeable paving company. The Resin Mill are also one of the leading resin bound paving suppliers in the UK. We supply you with all the tools of the trade and all the sales and marketing equipment you need to succeed.

Individuals and companies travel from far and wide, from all corners of the UK to attend The Resin Mill resin bound training courses because they are the most recgonised in the industry because The Resin Mill is one of the leading resin driveway suppliers and we are well respected in the industry. You can leave our resin drive courses with confidence in your ability and the support we give. Not only that, but the course is really enjoyable!

To sum up..

Resin bound courses and resin bonded driveway training courses do get booked up really quickly. And we’re not just saying that. So if you are interested in attending one of our courses or even if you are just after some information, give us a call on 01484 400 855 or contact us here.

We are here to help!

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The Resin Mill have a purpose built resin bound training academy, Resin Training Academy, which delivers our market leading resin driveway courses. It is the first of its kind in the UK, devoting itself to educating and benchmarking high performance standards in the industry. The Resin Bound Academy trains individuals and organisations the right way. Following the correct guidelines and procedures as outlined by FeRFA, we are committed to excellence. We have a full life size driveway where contractors can practice laying resin bound on to concrete. We do not install on to plywood in our resin driveway training because it does not replicate a real life situation. Resin bound surfacing is the fastest growing sector of the construction industry. It is therefore important to choose resin training that will give you a competitive advantage and a platform to be the best you can be. We have trained some of the most successful resin installation companies in the country. Click to find out more on market-leading resin drive courses at The Resin Academy. Or alternatively, browse through our frequently asked questions in the education centre.

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