Spray Granite

Commercial WAlls

Strength and Durability 

Whether you are dealing with a busy shopping centre, a popular park, or a public space, the surface needs to be able to cope with the demands placed upon it.  

This is where resin bound surfacing comes in. This type of surfacing can offer exactly what is needed for commercial spaces. It is top quality, long-lasting and resistant to heavy use, making it ideal for areas with high foot traffic.  

Safety & Accessibility 

When it comes to commercial spaces, it is important to provide safe and accessible paving for everyone. This includes those with disabilities, the elderly, and children. Resin bound surfacing is an excellent choice for creating accessible, safe surfaces. 

The surface is extremely slip-resistant and can be installed in areas such as playgrounds, parks, and accessibility ramps, providing a safe and secure environment for everyone.  


Where Can You Use Resin Bonded Products at Home?

1. Driveways

Make striking first impressions with resin bonded driveways. Choose from an array of aggregates to create a welcoming entrance that sets your customers home apart.

2. Pathways

Guide guests through gardens with a beautiful resin bonded pathways. Its durability ensures it can withstand heavy foot traffic with ease.

3. Patios

Extend living spaces into the great outdoors with resin bonded patioa. It’s a stylish, long-lasting solution for outdoor relaxation and entertaining.

4. Pool Surrounds

Create pool areas that are not only safe but also stunning. Resin bonded surfacing is slip-resistant and can withstand pool chemicals.

5. Garden Features

Use resin bonded products to highlight garden features such as steppingstones or decorative borders. They’re a wonderful way to add character to your customer’s outdoor space.