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UV resin driveways - 5 reasons why Resin Bound UVR Pro is the superior product

UV resin driveways - 5 reasons why Resin Bound UVR Pro is the superior product - Resin Mill
In recent years, resin bound UV stable solutions have become the first choice for savvy driveway installers in need of the most durable, smoothest, and low-maintenance surfacing option around. So, whether you’re a driveway contractor, property developer, housebuilder, landscaper, or architect in search of the best driveway resin supplies, here are five reasons why our Resin Bound UVR Pro is the superior resin product on the market to date.

50:50 ratio of Part A and Part B in our 7kg Resin Bound UVR Pro kit

Available in different kit sizes to suit your needs (7.5kg, 7kg and 6.5kg), a notable feature of our Resin Bound UVR Pro kit is that it provides a unique 50:50 ratio of Part A and Part B polyurethane resin. Our 50:50 ratio enhances bonding strength, which is designed to create stronger bonds and, in turn, deliver a stronger surface area.

Adding sand to our 7kg resin mix considerably strengthens the surface even further

When you compare our 7.5kg resin product to our 7kg option it is only 1.5% stronger. However, if you add sand to our 7kg mix, the surface becomes 22% stronger. Designed with affordability in mind, our findings show that the most efficient and economical way to increase the strength of a quality resin bound system is by adding fines to the mix. Keeping costs down wherever possible, there's no need to pay for extra resin with the Resin Bound UVR Pro as it also provides the flexibility to incorporate cheaper materials - like kiln-dried sand - for a much bigger impact.

UV stable resin bound supplies complete with a lifetime colour lock guarantee

Another reason to switch resin bound suppliers to Resin Bound UVR Pro lies in its superior lifetime colour lock guarantee, exclusively available from the Resin Mill. Highly resistant to fading and discolouring, our lifetime colour lock guarantee provides your clients with the most comprehensive cover for polyurethane resin colour lock in the industry, along with essential peace of mind, that the surface finish will look its best for longer. Even better, Resin Bound UVR Pro provides a wider range of colours to choose from. So, whether it’s a fashionable grey resin driveway, a classic black resin driveway, or something a bit more eclectic, Resin Bound UVR Pro allows you to meet and exceed all of your clients’ expectations time and time again. Resin Driveway Guarantee

Environmentally friendly packaging

Truly dedicated to supplying durable, affordable, and attractive resin bound surfacing solutions, reducing our impact on the environment is also very important to us at The Resin Mill. This is why we have moved to 100% eco-friendly packaging, transitioning from white virgin plastic to grey post-consumer recycled plastic buckets, lids, and handles, which can be recycled over and over again.

Solvent-free resin surfacing

Another sustainable feature of Resin Bound UVR Pro is that it uses solvent-free polyurethane, which considerably reduces adhesive waste and material usage, whilst drastically reducing the energy needed to dry resin driveways containing solvents. Fully supporting consumers in improving their environmental footprint across the board, we have also introduced 70% recycled plastic bags for our pre-mixed aggregates and moved to recycled plastic weather shields, whilst working in partnership with a company that recycles used cardboard, plastic bags and wrapping sheets too.

UV resin driveways vs the competition

Resin Bound UVR Pro Other UV resin products
Lifetime colour lock guarantee
Wide range of colours
Environmentally friendly packaging
Solvent-free polyurethane
Next-day pre 10am delivery
Premixed & bagged aggregates

Bespoke resin bound

UV resin bound driveway training courses UK

As industry-leading resin bound driveway and resin paving suppliers, we also run certified resin bound training courses. Essential to new contractors just starting out, as well as seasoned professionals looking for better quality surfacing materials and alternative ways to break into new markets, we offer candidates a unique training experience at the UK’s first resin training academy; The School of Resin. For all your UV resin driveway needs, and much more, get in touch online or give us a call on 01484 400 855 to learn more about our Resin Bound UVR Pro kits, next-day delivery, and a wide range of quality products for resin bound and resin bonded surfacing. Related Blogs and Web Pages: What else can our aggregates & resin products be used for? How installers can avoid problems with the installation of Resin Driveways Resin Bound UVR PRO

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