What else can our aggregates & resin products be used for?

Resin garden path
Quality aggregates and resin products provide the ideal surface for a variety of domestic and commercial applications, from modern driveways to patio spaces to sports stadiums and shopping centres. Offering endless possibilities and opportunities, let's look at some more exciting ways our aggregates and resin products can be utilised that may not have even crossed your mind!

Attractive anti-slip material for ramps and outside steps

As industry-leading gravel bonding resin suppliers, we're often asked what is the best material for front steps and wheelchair ramps. All types of buildings can benefit from accessible steps, ramps, and pathways and our aggregates and resin products are designed to open up any premises to a wider demographic of customers, clients, and residents. Installed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, town centres, parks, nurseries, and garden centres, resin bound ramps and steps triumph over traditionally paved surfaces thanks to the beautifully smooth finish it can achieve. Eliminating dangerous loose stones, rutting, and cracking, our resin products pose no danger whatsoever; creating flat, slip-resistant, durable, and attractive surfaces that are long-lasting and low maintenance. Learn more: Resin Bound Floor Slip Resistance Test Resin wheelchair ramp for NHS

Balcony floors, roof terraces and roof gardens

The perfect place to enjoy gorgeous views and sunsets, choosing the right flooring is crucial to creating peaceful, private outside havens like these. Balcony flooring with drainage is essential, especially for floor areas over 6m². Level, permeable, and designed to minimise puddles, a resin bound balcony is guaranteed to make a unique decorative statement that is built to last with minimal upkeep. Our Quarter Kit UVR is also UV colour stable, perfect for balconies and other areas that are more exposed to the harsh effects of the sun. Resin balcony

Durable materials for swimming pool surrounds

If you are looking for the best surface for a pool surround, resin bound permeable surfaces (like ours!) offer a plethora of advantages and benefits over traditional concrete pool finishes. Smooth underfoot, resin bound gravel has fantastic anti-slip features and can be installed over many existing surfaces with ease. It can also be customised in a variety of colour combinations, patterns, and textures to enhance a unique theme, or divide and define specific areas. Fully SUDs compliant, our resin bound products are perfect for concealing unsightly drains and filters too, seamlessly blending with newly revitalised pool surrounds and other poolside settings. Adaptable and low maintenance, refusing to need attention for at least 25 years or more, refined resin pool surrounds also remain unaffected by the summer sun and heat, staying solid and comfortable under high temperatures that other outdoor flooring materials simply cannot sustain.

Garden paths and walkways

If your construction project requires the look of loose gravel without the headache of migrating stones and laborious maintenance issues, a resin pathway may hold the key. Able to accommodate classic, rustic, and contemporary colour schemes, our aggregates and resin products are safe underfoot and simple to install. World-renowned for its cutting-edge garden designs and inspirational floral exhibits, our refined resin was even featured at the Chelsea Flower Show back in 2016! Learn more: Resin bound tree pits for next day delivery Resin garden path

Appealing company floor branding

Used to stand out from the competition and create a lasting first impression, our aggregates and resin products let’s your creativity truly run wild! As Durosol Flexible Profile suppliers, you can effortlessly form curves and designs on site that will stand the test of time. Hardwearing, durable, and anti-slip, our aggregates and resin products are perfect for high-traffic commercial areas. Providing endless design capabilities, our resin products provide unmatched flexibility to create striking company logos, emblems, numbers, and graphics incorporated into permeable paving. Complete with intricate aluminium edging that can be specially made to form unique stencils, from forecourts with custom logos to colleges and universities, our resin bound and resin bonded products will bring your company branding to life like no other. Explore our resins Explore our aggregates Explore our other products

Resin bound gravel near me

On hand to advise and assist, from both a design and technical standpoint, our commitment to achieving the highest standards possible shines through our purpose-built, first of its kind, resin bound training academy; The School of Resin. Training some of the most successful resin installation companies in Britain, browse through our comprehensive brochure to find out why increasing numbers of driveway contractors, landscapers, and architects are becoming part of the fastest-growing sector of the construction industry. Give our friendly team of resin experts a call on 01484 400 855 or contact us online for more information on our aggregates & resin products, resin bound driveway training courses, next-day delivery, and more. Related Blogs and Web Pages: What Makes Resin Rox Better Than Individual Aggregate Bags? 7 ways our Quarter Kits can be used (plus the major benefits!) Quarter Kit UVR Pro

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Our cutting-edge training facility redefines learning, offering an immersive experience in resin bound and spray granite installations. Guided by industry experts, you'll access state-of-the-art equipment, honing your skills in a dynamic environment. From intricate techniques to innovative methodologies, this programme equips you with expertise unmatched in the industry. Become part of the elite installer programme, shaping the future of resin-bound surfaces with precision and innovation.


The Resin Mill have a purpose built resin bound training academy, Resin Training Academy, which delivers our market leading resin driveway courses. It is the first of its kind in the UK, devoting itself to educating and benchmarking high performance standards in the industry. The Resin Bound Academy trains individuals and organisations the right way. Following the correct guidelines and procedures as outlined by FeRFA, we are committed to excellence. We have a full life size driveway where contractors can practice laying resin bound on to concrete. We do not install on to plywood in our resin driveway training because it does not replicate a real life situation. Resin bound surfacing is the fastest growing sector of the construction industry. It is therefore important to choose resin training that will give you a competitive advantage and a platform to be the best you can be. We have trained some of the most successful resin installation companies in the country. Click to find out more on market-leading resin drive courses at The Resin Academy. Or alternatively, browse through our frequently asked questions in the education centre.

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