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Why resin driveways are ideal for UK homes

Why resin driveways are ideal for UK homes
We all want to be proud of our properties as UK homeowners. And believe it or not, the driveway plays an important part in that. It’s the first thing you see when coming back home and what you step out on at the start of the day, so it’s an important aspect to get right. If you’re someone weighing up the benefits of resin driveways and wondering if one would be the ideal choice for your home, we at The Resin Mill are more than happy to set the record straight.

Resin driveways offer the smoothest surface

When compared to stone, gravel, or conventional block paving, resin driveways offer the smoothest surfaces for both your feet and vehicle provided it's installed correctly. This is thanks to the way the resin bound is formed, which is a mixture of clear UV-stable polyurethane resin combined with your choice of aggregate. Not only does this look sleek and highly professional, but it ensures that you won’t suffer from any unwanted lumps, bumps or cracks across the driveway surface. So smooth are resin driveways, you won’t need to worry about any weeds poking through any longer. Block paving is a type of driveway that is prone to this quite a lot due to its brick-based construction. However, resin driveways don’t include any large gaps between surfaces, so the weeds aren’t able to grow and you’ll be able to enjoy absolute peace of mind. Your new resin driveway, once installed, will stay smooth to drive and walk on for years to come.

Resin driveways are well-equipped to deal with harsh weather

Any honest UK homeowner will tell you that there’s no escaping the wet weather, which can be annoying if you have a driveway made of gravel or cement that is prone to collecting water. Seeing pools gather not only looks unsightly but is also dangerous as it increases the risk of slipping. Thankfully, resin driveways almost entirely remove the risk of large amounts of water gathering, keeping the area weather resistant all year round. What’s more, the surface of resin driveways is naturally porous. They don’t allow water to gather because they’re made up of various little holes that allow rainfall to pass through. It’s a clever design that’s unobservable by the human eye but means you’ll never be left with a wet driveway.

Resin driveways are the most affordable option

With costs going up all over the shop, it only makes sense to save money where you can. Luckily, the elements that make up resin bound are a lot more affordable than other driveway surfaces on the market. That’s why resin driveways often work out to be less expensive when compared to block paving. If you want to spend less money renovating your driveway whilst also enjoying the benefits far quicker, a resin driveway is an ideal choice.

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Give your home the gift of a resin driveway

Have any questions? Check out our Resin Driveway FAQs where you can find answers to the most common queries. Or, if you think that a resin driveway is a correct choice for you and your home, a member of our team would be happy to discuss plans further with you. Contact us today using the online form – it’s free and we’ll get back to you with the relevant information based on your driveway needs.

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