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What are the differences between ResinBonded PRO and ResinBound UVR PRO?

What are the differences between ResinBonded PRO and ResinBound UVR PRO? - Resin Mill
Here at The Resin Mill, we provide high-quality resins for use when laying resin surfaces. ResinBonded Pro and ResinBound UVR Pro are two of our most popular resins, although there are several differences between them. So, to help any driveway installers who are unsure which is best suited to their next project, we’ve covered their differences in this handy comparison guide.

Type of resin surface

One of the key differences between the two is the type of resin surface they’re used for; ResinBonded Pro is specifically used in resin bonded aggregate surfacing, whilst ResinBound UVR Pro is used for resin bound surfacing. There are various differences between resin bound and resin bonded surfaces, including permeability, durability and method of application. It’s important to know these differences when determining which resin is more suitable for your project.

UV resistance

ResinBound UVR Pro has been specially designed for UV stability. Therefore, when used in the creation of resin bound driveways, paths and patios, it actively protects them against discolouration from UV exposure. As a result, we offer a lifetime colour lock guarantee for installations using ResinBound UVR Pro. Whilst ResinBonded Pro also offers outstanding durability (resin bonded driveways can last up to 25 years with minimal maintenance), it does not possess the same level of UV resistance.

SuDS compliance

permeable resin bound pavingWe have specially formulated ResinBound UVR Pro for compliance with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). Therefore, it is the perfect solution for projects requiring permeable driveways and other porous surfaces. ResinBonded Pro, on the other hand, is not SuDS compliant, so it is only suitable for projects requiring non-porous surfaces.

Kit size

Whilst both are easy-to-use, 2-part polyurethane resin kits, ResinBonded Pro is a 20kg kit, which approximately covers an area of 10m2. To do this, this kit will need to be used with 4 bags of 1-3mm stone. However, ResinBound UVR Pro is available in 3 different kit sizes to suit individual project requirements: 7.5kg, 7kg and 6.5kg.

Volume of traffic

ResinBonded Pro is only suitable for applications where foot traffic will be light, like paths, patios and decorative surfaces. It is unsuitable for driveways because the top layer of resin bonded aggregates is exposed, meaning they are susceptible to wear and tear. Along with pathways, patios and decorative surfaces, Resinbound UVR Pro is suitable for driveways and other types of resin surface that will experience heavy traffic.

Weed resistance

If you have a customer who specifies that they want to eradicate any issues with weeds, ResinBonded Pro will not be the best solution. It does offer some resistance to weed growth, but ResinBound UVR Pro is superior in this respect.

Installation time

permeable resin bound paving installWhen using ResinBonded Pro with your chosen aggregates to create a resin bonded surface, it can be quickly installed using a ‘scatter coat’ method. This involves applying ResinBonded Pro over a suitable base with a squeegee and then ‘scattering’ your chosen aggregates before it sets. However, when using ResinBound UVR Pro, a forced action mixer is used to fully coat the chosen aggregates in the resin. The coated mix is then applied by hand trowelling and compressing it onto a suitable surface. This method takes longer but results in a seamless and stunning resin bound surface.

ISO 9001 accreditation

ResinBound UVR Pro is consistently manufactured to the highest possible industry standards, as evidenced by its compliance with ISO 9001 standards. Although ResinBonded Pro is also manufactured to the highest standards, as all Resin Mill products are, it is not ISO 9001 accredited.

Is ResinBonded Pro or ResinBound UVR Pro right for my project?

This will depend on your customer’s requirements, but to help you decide, we’ve done a quick summary of both options.

ResinBonded Pro

ResinBound UVR Pro Driveway resin suppliesResinBonded Pro is used to create low-cost, anti-slip resin bonded surfaces that are quick and easy to install. These can last up to 25 years with minimal maintenance, but they are not permeable. Therefore, planning permission will be required if you’re laying larger resin bonded surfaces. For driveways or surfaces that will receive heavy traffic, they will be unsuitable also.

ResinBound UVR Pro

ResinBonded PRO Resin Bonded AggregatesResinBound UVR Pro is suitable for the any resin bound surface, including driveways and others that will receive heavy traffic. As resin bound surfaces are permeable, they can be built to any size without planning permission. Resin bound surfaces take a bit longer to install and are slightly more expensive to lay per m2, but they offer superior quality and durability, which is epitomised by a lifetime colour lock guarantee. In summary, when laying small pathways and decorative surfaces, and where time and budget restraints are present, ResinBonded Pro is likely the best option. However, for larger projects like driveways and those that require a more premium resin surface solution, ResinBound UVR Pro is the way to go. If you require either for a project you’re working on, give us a call on 01484 400 855 or send an email to Related to this post:

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