Be FeRFA Assured - The Governing Body For Resin Bound Paving

Be FeRFA Assured - The Governing Body For Resin Bound Paving - Resin Mill
FeRFA, (The Resin Flooring Association), is the official organisation for the resin bound paving flooring industry. It represents the major players and the industry as a whole. Having represented material suppliers, contractors and product manufacturers alike, over the past 45 years; it is unique, as just happens to be the only governing body solely for resin flooring. It is the only reputable body, recognised by The BSI Group, CSCS, The BBA, ConstructionSkills, RIBA and BuildUK.

So, what does FeRFA do?

a) FeRFA outlines best resin bound paving practice and policies to its members. b) Advises on where to purchase any resin bound surface supplies. c) Offers guidance notes for members and consumers, leading the whole resin industry. d) It acts as the regulating body of the UK’s resin flooring commerce in the UK. e)In addition to writing guidance notes, it writes technical guidance notes, reviews the standards and reviews any legislation changes that would affect the industry and the environment. f) FeRFA also play a leading part in developing international standards for resin flooring. All FeRFA members must observe and comply with the appropriate ‘Code of Practice’. These represent a binding commitment on the part of each member to operate to the highest standard of quality, integrity, safety and reliability consistent with the aims of FeRFA. Gaining affiliation with the association is difficult, as it is through recommendation from other members and holds strict criteria. Membership is a benchmark for the industry and associated companies offer resin flooring systems and services of the highest quality.

By using FeRFA certified resin bound paving organisations, you can be confident in:

Quality and Assurance – Members have to abide by FeRFA’s strict Codes of Practice, which require the highest standards of operation, management, technical service, health and safety and business integrity. FeRFA have a formal quality assurance scheme. Here members run frequent and consistent quality assurance schemes. This is to ensure the highest performing standards. There is a nationally approved independent third party assessment of the scheme to make sure the products are service are of the highest standard. Innovation and Training – FeRFA encourages the research and development of technically advanced products and processes. FeRFA endorses continuous training and promotes “qualifying the workforce” through the provision of NVQ and apprenticeship schemes. Workers with extensive experience and highly trained operatives are employed in their specialist field. Environment and Sustainability – All members must operate with a clear environmental policy. They run environmental schemes. This includes the FeRFA Recycling Scheme in which members commit to working towards zero waste landfill and 100% packaging and waste recycled for future use. Environment and sustainability graph
Accountability – FeRFA offer a complaints procedure to dispute and assist resolving matters for members involved.

What does this mean specifically for the resin driveway and resin paving industry?

FeRFA offers all of the above specifically to the resin bound and bonded materials for resin drives and resin paving. They have developed a series of guidance notes and standards. These provide up to date information on the specification, performance and properties of resin drive systems. (The guide is approved and assessed in accordance with RIBA CPD Providers Network.) Resin driveways companies have to operate to the highest standard of quality, integrity, safety and reliability consistent with the aims of FeRFA. FeRFA offer services for the provision of advice to customers on the use and performance of their resin bonded and resin bound products. Resin bound suppliers who are members of FeRFA, must have facilities and technical staff. This is to demonstrate the effective use of their products and to provide on-site technical support. They also must have working and maintained training facilities so that contractor members can be trained in the use of their products. Resin bound courses must include a practical, mixing and laying for each individual product and in-classroom learning. In terms of compliance, resin bonded and resin bound paving products have to validate their specifications and independent assessments by providing full technical data sheets and records of any tests. Certificates of conformity should be readily available. Be sure to look out for FeRFA members when choosing your resin bound paving suppliers! resin bound paving

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